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Dear, My name is Teun Smets, I am 26 years old. I moved from Belgium to Luxembourg on the first of September. My boyfriend started working at a law firm in Kirchberg. I decided to move with him because I feel this is a unique opportunity to challenge and develop myself. I completed a psychology Bachelor in Antwerp (Belgium). My first job involved working with teenagers who lived in a residential institute because of their problematic home situation. Afterwards I started as a counselor for a foundation that supervises young people and adults with acquired brain injury, primarily resulting from a traffic accident. The main goal was to rebuild their life after their car accident, taking into account the injuries caused by the accident. This involved guiding them on a practical and pshycological level. Currently I am participating in many courses. I'm taking courses in photography, French, drawing and Italian cooking. I would also love to engage myself for Someren, that's why I send you this message. I am a native Dutch speaker but can also express myself in English and French (although I feel slighly more comfortable in English). Moreover, I also have a basic understanding of German. If you have any further questions please sent me an email or give me a phone call. Kind regards, Teun Smets

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